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Man tandem skydives through the clouds

If you know you are ready to take the leap…  from out of a plane 14,000 feet above the Earth, and you’ve never done it before, then a first time tandem skydive is a great place to start skydiving immediately!

只要您的年龄在 18 至 65 岁之间,都可参加我们的 14,000 英尺教练陪同高空跳伞,体验 60 秒钟的自由落体。您将与我们的专业教练共享一具教练陪同高空跳伞装备,他门将向您展示为什么鸟儿会飞!


A group of people sign waivers.


You should plan to spend a half day at the Drop Zone for your first tandem skydive. 首先,您需要参加一个安全讲座,并签署协议。

Man gets suited up to tandem skydive in Guam and Saipan.



Your Tandem Instructor will ask you to step into a harness, where you will then be adjusted to perfectly fit your body. Please don’t attempt to re-adjust your harness once your Tandem Instructor is finished. The harness is adjusted to ensure your safety, and if you change any adjustment you can risk your own life!

A yellow airplane flys over an island.


After being harnessed to your Tandem Instructor, the plane will take off! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning views from high above the Mariana Islands!

A pair of tandem skydivers prepare to exit an airplane.


准备好了吗!?Your Tandem Instructor will give you instructions to ensure you are in the safest position possible to depart the aircraft. 是时候跳了!

A man is very excited while tandem skydiving over an island.


根据您的高度,享受 15 秒至 1 分钟的自由落体。您不必担心自由落体会给您“过山车坠落”的感觉。The feeling is actually similar to floating and the air resistance all around you creates a feeling of cushioning and support.

A man and a woman tandem skydive over clouds. The word "fly" is written next to them.


在大约 5,500 英尺处,教练将打开主降落伞,您将享受约五分钟的自由飞翔,您可尽情欣赏关岛或塞班岛周围的醉人美景。



您将降落在降落区。别担心!Your feet will be lifted as you land, and your Tandem Instructor will make sure you land as nice and smoothly as possible. After a ride in the van back to our office, you will receive a completion certificate from your instructor. Congratulations on your first skydiving lesson!

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